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2021-10-7 · Our durable and easy-to-operate SST sludge thickener is available in two sizes and stands out due to its continous operation modes, low maintenance costs, and low ener-gy consumption. In order to keep design and installation costs low, we offer the complete drainage system as an optional pre-assembled package solution. Flange with filtrate drain

How to Size a Thickener

2016-3-8 · Place a measured quantity of pulp at a known density in a beaker or glass cylinder. Fix a narrow strip of paper on one side of the container. Mix pulp thoroughly. Draw a line on the paper at the top of the pulp and mark "0" minutes. For five minutes, at one-min­ute intervals, mark the point to which the solids have settled.

Rotary Drum Thickener 2011

2021-9-2 · The Rotary Drum Thickener is a pre-thickener which performs solid/liquid phase separation. The main control panel provides controls for the sludge pump and chemical dosing subsystems. Manual adjustments are made directly to the sludge pump or polymer unit. Sensors monitor the operation of the system and send signals to halt operation in the ...

HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC

Unique sludge thickener for efficient sludge treatment . For wastewater treatment plants up to 200,000 PE; The heart of the S-DISC sludge thickener is an inclined, slowly rotating filter disc that separates flocculated sludge from filtrate. A baffle …

Sludge Thickening

2015-3-1 · Tomasz Kamizela, Mariusz Kowalczyk, in Industrial and Municipal Sludge, 2019. 4.2 Gravitational thickening. Gravitational thickening occurs through the sedimentation of sludge particles and their compression with gravity (Cywiński et al., 1972).The sedimentation of sludge particles occurs due to the difference in specific weight of liquids and sludge particles, whose …

Sludge thickening and dewatering technology

2014-12-29 · Available in standard sizes, the DAB system provides an economic means of thickening and/or dewatering sludge from small and medium sizes municipal and industrial sludge treatment plants. Construction is simple and robust, requiring minimum servicing and the system can be supplied to operate automatically. The two photos above show DAB''s

HUBER S-Disc Sludge Thickener

2021-12-24 · The HUBER S-Disc sludge thickener is economical for a wide range of plant sizes, from 100,000 gpd to a really large plant like the one in Springfield, Illinois which is using four HUBER S-Disc sludge thickeners between two plants. There are two HUBER S-Disc sizes available; Size 1 and Size 2. Most of our applications are Size 1.

Physical and Biological Properties

2021-12-11 · Raw primary sludge particle size distribution is: greater than 7 mm (5 to 20%), 1 to 7 mm (9 to 33%), and smaller than 1 mm (50 to 88%), of which about 45% is less than 0.2 mm. In activated sludge, the approximate distribution is: 90% below 0.2 mm, 8% between 0.2 and 1 mm, 1.6% between 1 and 3 mm, and 0.4% over 3 mm.

Sludge Thickening

The advantages of sludge thickening in reducing the volume of sludge to be handled are substantial. With reference to Figure 9-3, a sludge with 1% solids thickened to 5% results in an 80% volume reduction (since 5% = 1/20).A concentration of 20% solids, which might be achieved by mechanical dewatering (discussed in the next section), results in a 95% reduction in …

Rotary Drum Sludge Thickener | HaiBar

2020-11-2 · It has high requirements for the polymer and the binding force of sludge. In comparison with the belt thickening machine, our rotary drum sludge thickener can offer the thickened sludge with lower water content. The sludge …

[Specifications List]Sludge dryer & sludge dewatering and ...

up to 5.5kg-DS/h. (up to 36.6kg-WET/h) 3357. 910. 1009. 19.5. 350. * Throughput is based on the standard case in which the dewatered cake with water content of 83% is treated into dried cake with water content of 40%. * Throughput above may vary depending on the conditions of treated sludge or the water content of the materials to be fed into ...

Sludge Thickener SCREWMAX-E

2021-12-20 · General Description. Usually, the sludge in waste water or drinking water treatment plants, after decanting and/or thickening, reaches the Screwmax: slow-speed sludge dewatering system. (patented) These sludge, prior to enter the machine, must be mixed normally in a tank in order that the sludge is homogeneous and the floc is generated correctly.

[Specifications List]Sludge Dewatering Press & Thickener

up to 90kg‐DS/h. (up to 9.0m 3 /h ) 8.67. 6800. 8500. 【Standard Accessories】Sludge dewatering press, Polymer make-up system, Polyferric Sulfate dosing pump, Other pumps, Dewatered cake conveyor, Generator, Power cable and Hoses. * Throughput above is calculated as approximate and may vary depending on sludge condition.

HUBER Sludge Treatment

2016-6-23 · Sludge thickening HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC Throughput capacity up to 40 m 3/h Two sizes available Simple principle of operation Minimised operator attendance High operational reliability Compact, totally enclosed design Accessible for full inspection Adjustable for varying degrees of thickening


2016-8-9 · gravity thickening of sludge to activated sludge, and to compare results with those obtained by Kos [10] for water treatment sludge. 2) to develop curves for the evaluation of thickening of activated sludge. 3) to show the effect that temperature has on the per-formance of a continuous gravity thickener and secondary Sedimentation basins.

Process Design Manual Sludge Treatment And Disposal

Figure 4-10 presents data collected for several activated sludges resulting from the treatment of various type wastes. The air-to-solids ratio needed for a particular application is a function primarily of the sludge''s characteristics such as SVI. The most common ratio used for design of an excess activated sludge thickener is 0.02.

SST Sludge Screw Thickener

The Sludge Screw Thickener (SST) for throughputs of up to 60m 3 /h offers an optimal solution for increasing the total solids percentage of sludge, manure, and digestate in municipal and industrial applications. The robust and easy-to-operate SST sludge thickener is available in two sizes and stands out due to its continuous operation modes, low maintenance costs, and low energy …


2010-10-9 · Higher sludge cake dumping, enough space for conveyor Gravity thickener''s length up to 4 meters, suit for low concentrate sludge, water ratio can be up to 99.5% DIMENSION 6 5 4 3 2 1 3 7 2 1 4 5 6 7290 290 Backwash water inlet DN40 Filtrate outlet D2 draining outlet DN50 Press Belt Gravity Thickener 4900 1745 190 250 180 45 Sludge Inlet D1 1 ...

Physical and Biological Properties

2021-12-11 · Physical and Biological Properties. Raw primary sludge particle size distribution is: greater than 7 mm (5 to 20%), 1 to 7 mm (9 to 33%), and smaller than 1 mm (50 to 88%), of which about 45% is less than 0.2 mm.


2017-5-30 · SLUDGE TREATMENT FACILITIES CHAPTER 6: DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF SLUDGE TREATMENT FACILITIES 6.1 THE APPROACH In STP, sludge means the following. ... • Thus, the solids load entering the sludge thickener becomes 112.1 • The solids load escaping in the liquid portion from the thickener is taken as 11.2

ALDRUM G3 – a revolution in sludge thickening

2019-2-15 · thickener a reliable, user-friendly product that only requires a minimum of maintenance. It is available with a range of auxiliary equipment to meet individual customer requirements. The ALDRUM G3 reduces the sludge volume by as much as 90%, thus cutting costs for sludge handling, transportation and storage considerably. Benefits

Gravity Belt Thickener BTN for feed sludge concentration ...

The DEWA BTN Gravity Belt Thickener is a fully enclosed system, designed to increase the dry solid concentration of the feed sludge considerably. Enclosed construction enables odor containment within the unit, simplifying odor extraction by …

CHAPTER 12 Sludge Processing and Disposal

2017-10-31 · The cost-effectiveness of sludge thickening should be considered prior to treatment and/or disposal. Capacity Thickener design should provide adequate capacity to meet peak demands. Septicity Thickener design should provide means to prevent septicity during the thickening process.

Sludge Thickener Clarifier

2017-7-20 · Sludge Thickeners. The HEI Sludge Thickener is an efficient method to gravity concentrate and decant waste sludge. Liquid sludge pumped from a clarifier will have a solids content of 0.5% from cone bottom clarifiers to 2%-4% from the …

[Specifications List]Sludge Dewatering Press & Thickener ...

* Throughput above is calculated as approximate and may vary depending on sludge condition. For model selection, please contact us. * Throughput of each model is based on sludge cake with solid content higher than 15%. * There is no certain upper limitation on inlet sludge concentration, however, the target sludge must be flowable.

ALDRUM Sludge Thickener – Mini and Midi

2020-1-29 · The ALDRUM Drum Thickener comes in two sizes, Mini and Midi, for capacities from 4- 22 m 3 /h (18-97 GPM on the basis of 1% dry solids waste activated sludge).

Primary Sludge Fermentation for Reliable Biological ...

2009-9-16 · Primary Sludge Fermenter/Thickener Fermenter/Thickener Raw Influent. 9/16/2009. PNCWA 2009 –Boise, ID . 12 •Static fermenter/thickener + gravity thickener •Similar to single-stage, with an additional thickener/fermenter •underflow and overflow of 1st fermenter/thicener are remixed to help elutriate the VFAs