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Machine safety – Guide for operators

2018-9-22 · MACHINE SAFETY – GUIDE FOR OPERATORS. FACT SHEET. SIMPLE SAFETY TIPS FOR OPERATORS Only use a machine if you have been trained and your employer authorises you to operate it. Always follow the operating procedures for setting-up, operating, cleaning and maintaining the machine. If there are difficulties following the procedures

Safety Operating Procedures

2019-9-5 · MILLING MACHINE. DO NOT use this machine unless you have been instructed. in its safe use and operation and have been given permission. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. Safety glasses must be worn at all times in work areas. Long and loose hair must be contained. Gloves must not be worn when using this machine.


2018-7-9 · Safe Use of Machine Shop Equipment Machine Shop Safety August 2014 3 WORKSHOP MACHINES - MILL • Keep all guards in place while operating the machine. • While operating the milling machine allow no one else to touch it. • …

Safe operating procedure

2021-6-1 · DOWELLING MACHINE. DO NOT use this machine unless a teacher has instructed you in its safe use and operation and has given permission. Author: COOPER, Philip CLARK, Brian Created Date: 08/15/2018 17:17:00 Title: Safe operating procedure - Dowelling machine Keywords: DETE, Education Queensland Last modified by: OVERETT, Sophie Company:

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

2020-4-3 · Specifically describe the safe operating procedure and precautions that must be taken for each step. Attach any appropriate information or references. An SOP may reference other SOPs. 4. Personal Protective Equipment The types of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be utilised to minimise the risk to the

Safe Operating Procedures SOP 10 Hand Drills

2018-4-25 · Safe Operating Procedures This SOP should be used in conjunction with relevant machinery manuals and manufacturer recommendations. Procedure Reference Version Effective Date Review Date Page Number Date Printed WHS SOP10 1.0 28/03/2018 28/03/2021 2 24/04/2018 specifications. POTENTIAL HAZARDS 1. Electrocution - RCD fitted, cords tested 2.

Safe Operating Procedures SOP 19 Electric Arc Welder …

2018-4-25 · Safe Operating Procedures This SOP should be used in conjunction with relevant machinery manuals and manufacturer recommendations. Procedure Reference Version Effective Date Review Date Page Number Date Printed WHS SOP 19 1.0 28/03/2018 28/03/2021 2 24/04/2018 2. Burns - Correct use of protective clothing / PPE and hot work mats 3.

Specific Safety Precautions in operating CNC machines

2018-8-15 · It is the method of controlling a machine tool by the application of digital electronic computers and circuitry using alpha-numerical data. Machine movements (actuated and controlled by cams, gears, levers, or screws) are directed by computers and digital circuitry. Specific Safety Precautions in Operating CNC Machines.

SOP (Safe Operating Procedures) or SWP (Safe Work …

A Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) or Safe Work Procedures (SWP) sometimes also known as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) should be developed and used to instruct people on how operate machinery or equipment safely. SOPs should also be placed on or near the machine for People to refer to when using the equipment.

1. NEW Machine Shop Safety Safe Operating Procedure …

2012-11-1 · 6. Revised Safe Operating Procedures ----- 1. NEW Machine Shop Safety Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) + Safety Event If you work with any power-driven (including manually-operated) stationary machines and equipment used to shape and/or form metal, wood, or other materials by cutting,


2014-5-18 · Machine should be set up on a firm, level surface. Make sure that controls operate smoothly. Check operation of chuck should lock and unlock evenly. Ensure that slides are clean and operating smoothly. Ensure that handles and grips are fitted fir mly, and do not move. Check condition of die, ensure that die is sharp and not damaged, and clear

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Follow instructions, safe operating procedures and signage, and wear the required personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and ear muffs. Keep the area around the machine clean and tidy to prevent slips and trips. More information. Code of practice – Managing the risks of plant in the workplace (catalogue No. SW08839), SafeWork NSW


2020-4-8 · Safe Operating Procedure (Revised 8/15) GENERAL MACHINE SAFETY _____ This SOP is intended to provide general safety guidance for power-driven (including ... machine during operation. Safe operation of machinery and equipment necessitates that all foreseeable hazards are controlled. Effective control is achieved through a risk assessment process.

Lathe Machine Safe Work Procedure.

2018-7-9 · Lathe Machine Safe Work Procedure. DO NOT use this machine unless you have been trained in its safe use and operation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required Eye Protection Appropriate Footwear Appropriate Attire DO NOT operate the lathe wearing loose clothing, finger rings or other jewellery. Long hair must be tied up or

How to Use a CNC Milling Machine

2020-3-16 · Safe operating procedures of machine tools directly related to product quality and personal safety. Be familiar with how to use a CNC milling machine can minimize the errors or faults and get substantial improvement in throughput. How to Use a CNC Milling Machine - …

NocoSpray Safe Operating Procedure 2014 PDF download

Safe Operating Procedure: NocoSpray. Using the NocoSpray machine Remove nozzle from NocoSpray machine. Take the lid off the 1 litre Nocolyse (disinfectant) bottle and screw into the. NocoSpray nozzle ensuring the filler tube is. inside …

Safety Operating Procedures

2019-9-4 · Only one person may operate this machine at any one time. ENDING OPERATIONS AND CLEANING UP. Ensure the handle is left in a safe position after use. Leave the work area in a safe, clean and tidy state. POTENTIAL HAZARDS AND INJURIES. Sharp edges and burrs. Crush and pinch points. Hair/clothing getting caught in moving machine parts.

Safe operating procedure

2021-6-1 · Always remove the chuck key before starting the mortising machine. Keep clear of moving machine parts. Never attempt to drill material that does not lie flat on the table. Irregular shaped work should be securely held in a jig, vice or clamp. ... Safe operating procedure - Mortising machine (Tag) Last modified by: OVERETT, Sophie Company:

Machine Shop Policies and Procedures

2014-11-21 · Machine Shop Policies and Procedures . The College of Engineering & Computational Sciences machine shop consists of a full-service shop that provides machining, assembly and fabrication services in support of research projects and ... • Attend Basic Shop Safety and Operating Procedures conducted by the Shop Manager before shop usage.


2017-10-23 · The safe system work procedure should include the followings: 1. Sequence of Job Steps. Ø Break down the task or operation into the basic steps to complete the work task and/or operate the machinery.


2017-4-14 · 1. Switch off the machine. 2. Leave the machine in a safe, clean and tidy state. POTENTIAL HAZARDS Entanglement & entrapment Eye injuries Flying swarf or chips Sharp edges & burrs Striking & shearing DO NOT use this machine unless an instructor has instructed you in its safe use/operation and has given permission.

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 · Safety requirement specifications is the means by which the hazards of a machine or process are controlled to reduce risks of harm to those working at or near the machine or process. Safe operating procedures are written instructions …

Guidelines For Equipment Safety

2017-6-20 · • Keep the operating zone free of obstacles that could cause a person to trip or fall toward an operating machine. Keep fi ngers, hands or any part of the body out of the machine and away from moving parts when the machine is operating. • Any machine with moving parts and/or electrical components can be potentially dangerous

11 Important machine safety tips for accident prevention ...

2019-1-22 · NOTE: Any machine part, function, or process that might cause injury should be safeguarded. Lets now consider eleven (11) important machine safety tips. Read Also: 21 Important safety symbols and their meanings. Machine safety tips. Ensure proper guarding on the machines, like your table saw, cut off saw, cutting machine, circular saw, etc.

Safe Work Procedure -Milling Machine

2021-8-30 · Title: Milling Machine Safe Operation Procedure Authorized By: Chris Vandelaar Issue Date: May 2016 Last Reviewed: May 2016 Next Review Date: May 2018 Page Number: 2 of 2 THIS DOCUMENT IS UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED O:Student Support and TrainingHealth and SafetySOP''sSOP_Milling Machine.doc 2. Operation: Keep clear of …


Operating procedures should clearly lay down instructions for operation of process plant that take into consideration COSHH, manual handling, permit to work, PPE Regulations, quality, HAZOP, and SHE requirements. The procedure should …

Safe Operating Procedures Guide

2017-6-25 · Safe operating procedures should be reviewed on a periodic basis, e.g. every 2 years, depending upon the level of risk, to ensure that the procedure remains current and appropriate. Reviews of safe operating procedures will be required sooner than two years in the event: • An incident occurs that relates to the safe operating procedure ;

Meat Slicer SOP | SafetyDocs PDF & Word Templates

Meat Slicer Safe Operating Procedure. This Meat Slicer Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) provides a way for your business to outline step-by-step safe processes when operating a meat slicer. Meat Slicer SOP: Provides instructions on the use of the equipment both prior to and during operation. Ensures workers recognise and manage associated hazards ...

Generic standard operating procedure template

2020-10-13 · SAFE OPERATING PROCEDURE. SEWING MACHINE/OVERLOCKER. DO NOT use this machine unless you have completed an induction and the Supervisor and has given you permission. Appropriate footwear with substantial uppers must be worn. Long and loose hair must be contained or restrained.